Established in 1997 by dipl. eng. Adrian Rosca, Chemco Trade Company is one of the most important distributors of chemical products, automatic, semi-automatic and manual tinting machines, equipment, machinery, laboratory testing instruments for the paint industry, plastics industry, cosmetics, metal coatings and for many others.

Chemco Trade is a charter member of AIVR (Romanian Paint Industry Association) established in 2000.

Chemco Trade is the main titanium dioxide (TiO2) supplier on the Romanian paints and plastics market.
Chemco Trade also supplies synthetic resins (acrylics, alkyds, polyesters), natural and synthetic pigments, rheological additives (thickeners), anti-cracking, anti-skin, driers, anti-settling agents, defoamers, dispersants, levelling agents, modified clays, oils, wetting agents, grinding media (zirconia, glass beads), colour charts, coloured sands, extenders, fire retardants, corrosion inhibitors, UV absorbers, colorants, for the paints and plastics industry.
Chemco Trade is the first distributor who brought in tinting machines (colouring, dispensers, mixers) on the Romanian market, owning at presesnt the largest number of equipment, more than 3000 pieces, installed all-around the country and regularly checked and maintained by our well-trained technicians.

In cosmetics industry, Chemco Trade supplies the Romanian market with the latest active ingredients, essential oils, vegetal oils, herbal extracts, surfactants, UV filters, flavours and fragrances, alcohols, machineries for manufacturing and packing and specialty testing equipment (viscometers, Face Scan 3D, Body Scan 3D, instruments for measuring brightness, elasticity, hydration).

Products marketed by Chemco Trade comply with REACH and their manufacturers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified.


We aim to ensure the development of a clean and sustainable environment.

We are committed to addressing the need for the Romanian market with chemicals at the highest quality standards that fully comply with the REACH provisions, together with the latest, energy-efficient and low-energy equipment that aims to transition to energy sources alternative and regenerable.

We are committed to community development by encouraging the education of children and young people and are supporters of numerous research and development projects aimed at improving living standards.