Chemco Trade is one of the leading suppliers on the Romanian market for raw materials, materials, equipments and equipment for: manufacture of paints, inks, plastics, cosmetics, food, various chemicals, chemical quality analysis, complete analyzes paints, colors, gloss, etc.



Having this extremely long and extensive expertise and as a founding member of the Association of Paints Industries in Romania (AIVR) we promote exclusively products of the highest class. Our products are made, packaged, labeled, stored and transported according to national and European standards in force.

For machinery, equipment and appliances you will benefit from:

consultancy for choosing the best solution for you
complete documentation

specialized training


post-warranty service

raw materials, consumables and spare parts listed for your equipment



We pride ourselves on the fact that we are always committed to ensuring the conformity of our products and services, as evidenced by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications accompanying our products. Documentation accompanying our products – Technical Sheets, Technical Safety Data Sheets (SDS), transport documents, specific instructions, etc. – is complete and correct, always up to date according to all applicable standards.